Membership Information

The Society seeks broad participation in its work. Your Annual or Special membership contribution enables the Society to fulfill its mission of preserving the history of the Tenth Circuit and promoting better understanding of the role of the federal courts throughout the six-state region.

The Society is a tax exempt, not-for-profit charitable and educational organization, qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and incorporated in Colorado. Operations are financed by memberships in the Society and by contributions from the public. All contributions are tax deductible. All society directors and officers serve without compensation.

All memberships, except Lifetime, are annual. The Society gladly accepts contributions in excess of the sums necessary to obtain or sustain membership. Donations apart from memberships can be made through Colorado Gives.

To become a member

Please visit Colorado Gives where you can complete a membership form and submit a payment online, or download and return a complete membership form to the mailing address provided, along with your membership fee.

Membership Types

Annual Memberships

Judges (Active and Senior) and attorneys practicing more than five years: $50

Attorneys (retired or practicing less than 5 years) and retired Judges: $25

Court and law office personnel, and members of faculties: $15

Students and others interested in the legal profession: $10

Lifetime Memberships

Individuals - Single Payment (Available on an installment commitment of $100 per year for 5 years.): $500

Firms of 1 - 20 Lawyers (Firm lifetime memberships are available on an installment commitment of one-fifth payment per year for 5 years.): $2,000

Firms of 21 - 50 Lawyers: $3,000

Firms of more than 50 Lawyers: $5,000